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Oxford: The Oxford Cowed-19 vaccine has been claimed to have 70% success in the trial phase.

The UK-developed corona virus vaccine can protect 70.4% of people from getting code-19, and data show that 90% of people can be protected from low-dose use.

The results of the vaccine trial phase by Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca are being hailed as a great success.

Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have announced that their combined vaccine could prevent many people from getting sick.

According to Oxford University, the vaccine will be available cheaply and easily around the world. Once approved by the regulatory authority, the vaccine will play a key role in coping with the corona epidemic.

A full course of vaccines will yield 90% of the results. It should be noted that the British government has already ordered 100 million vaccines. This vaccine dose will be enough for 50 million British people.

In this regard, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the news of successful results of Oxford Corona vaccine is surprising.
The vaccine was developed in a record time of ten months.

Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccineology at Oxford University, says the announcement brings us one step closer to the time when we will be able to use the vaccine (COD-19) to end the scourge.

we will continue to work to provide detailed information to the relevant authorities. he added.
It is an honor to be a part of this multinational effort that will benefit the whole world.

The University of Oxford says a preliminary review of the third phase of the vaccine experiment found that the vaccine is up to 70% effective.

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