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Our system is fair

Mohammad Mohsin

Who freed Shahbaz Sharif? The court

Who freed Mary Safdar? The court

Who gave bail to Nawaz Sharif for 8 weeks? The court

 Who will remove Nawaz Sharif from ECL? The court

Who will abolish the terms of the Government Adamanty Bond? The court

Who is converting billions of bail bonds into Rs 50 stamp paper. The court

Who will release the thief criminals within hours. The court

And then who’s going to make it a joke? The court

The Prime Minister had given Nawaz Sharif a conditional permission to go out with a security bond of 7 billion, but the Lahore High Court ended that condition and sent Nawaz Sharif out of the country on a stamp paper of Rs 50. The government was watching the NAB and the people. The disqualification of the judiciary cannot be changed by putting the debris on the Prime Minister. People are already frustrated with this system of justice. From here till today, the poor middle class have been waiting for justice from where they will depart. Their hopes will be shattered.

They say that the law is the keeper of the poor, all the lies are not the keeper of the poor but the prostitute sitting on the leash is the rich who is available to the poor, but listening to the poor and not the poor, then the point of the poor is to spit on the poor. Insults Because of this system, the court has become a question mark because of this system so far 260 people have been burnt alive in the murder of Model Town suspects, Sahiwal’s suspects, Municipality of Karachi, and their killer-free, tragedy model. Town killer Azad, Shahzib’s killer Sharakh Jatoi Azad, Naqibullah’s killer Rao Anwar Azad, escaped from London in the guise of illness.

Now the sensational news of Mian Sahib’s illness will come from London. Patwari media will be crying that Mian Sahib is in dire need of Mary to send Mary for immediate father’s service. Government institutions will be helpless in front of judicial decisions.

Now videos of Mian Sahib’s London excursions and shopping are being released so that the government and the public can see and reinforce the impression that the law can do nothing to these rulers. They are the prostitutes of the rulers, landlords and businessmen. Money can easily be bought on a bill. This judicial system has been one of the biggest obstacles to the development and justice of Pakistan.

After the suspension of General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s notification, the judiciary itself extended six months with a three-year extension, which is the result of mistakes made by the government legal team. It was the government’s legal team that dealt with its shortcomings and did not do so immediately. The judiciary has forced the government to parliament the extension of General Qamar Bajwa. Parliament is comprised of corrupt politicians, unlike some of our good politicians. Now Parliament will decide on the appointment of a new Army Chief as an army body. General Qamar Bajwa does not, so we have more than one soldier.

The government extended General Qamar Bajwa in the wake of the worsening situation on the eastern borders of Kashmir. And the opposition is saying that the Prime Minister has extended General Bajwa in his personal interest. If the opposition is to understand this, then the opposition must also understand that the full support of the establishment is with the government, whether General Qamar Bajwa or any other army chief army supports democracy, not a particular political party.

General Kayani supported Zardari’s democratic government for five years. Then General Raheel and General Qamar Javed Bajwa supported Nawaz Sharif’s democratic government for the entire five years. Zardari and Nawaz government continued to record record corruption. The country was bankrupt. Keep going. In spite of so much in the previous democratic periods, the two parties completed their democratic periods on the support of the Establishment, so the democratic government led by Inshaullah Imran Khan would complete its five years. Are getting Corruption has become so-called that insha’Allah will soon be controlled. External loans and loans from former governments are increasingly being paid. Delays in deficit are on the verge of bankruptcy The Praise of Allah is now moving in the right direction. In this situation, the economy is falling apart. The record on the stock exchange is booming. Insha’Allah will also reduce inflation after coming to power. Business employment will also increase.

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