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O way of martyrs of the truth

Zucker is a student at Government High School Ibrahim Zhai Hangu, it was a Monday day – he came to school late that day so he was not allowed to enter such a class and he stood at the school gate. There were two other students – a 25-year-old man came in and told him that he had come to school, while the children were talking to him, one saw the bomb at the stranger. Both children fled inside the school, but Aitzaz Hassan kept the stranger from entering the school. A suicide bomber shot and killed the elephant. Atzaz Hasan was also killed in the blast,

Thus the brave brave child of the school saved hundreds of lives by demonstrating wit and courage – and with a new history made forever in history – the government has announced a medal for this brave child, Aitzaz Hassan set a high example by sacrificing his life Aitzaz Hassan is the hero of the nation Three army armed forces officers greeted Fateha Khwani at the martyr’s grave with the family of Aitzaz Hassan Shaheed. But we, the young men of this motherland, should be proud of it. The army officers were killed by family motivated but the government does not yet have any contact with any family member killed Willingly

On the other hand, the people of the area and the students of the school also gave a large number of martyrs’ graves and offered flowers.
Chaudhry Aslam Shaheed,

On Monday, Aitzaz ordered himself into history. On the following day, Chaudhry Aslam was also martyred in Jammu. No one is aware of the brave courage and bravery of Chaudhry Aslam Shaheed whose footsteps scared the cowardly terrorist. Chaudhry Aslam was the lead wall for these cowardly terrorists. Chaudhry Aslam never bowed down to these terrorists. He sacrificed his life on the right. This man Mujahid never bargained for his conscience. During the operation in Quaid, the terrorists stood in plain clothes in front of the terrorists, while the man was killed by a man. He used to say, why the government and Khan are not afraid to talk to the terrorists, why Mian Sahib and Khan are such a soft cover for the terrorists, SSP Chowdhury Aslam, the loyalist of the unfaithful nation. Martyred – Well, no matter what you talk to the Taliban because it is your own people. Give them an open letter to kill people.

There is no shortage of sacrifices for this earthly mother when she receives this earthly mother whenever our elders sacrificed their lives and even today, the brave men of our armed forces like Aitzaz Hassan and Chaudhry Aslam to protect this earth mother. By sacrificing their lives forever in history, this earthly mother has no shortage of sacrifices for her, but this earthly mother is filled with such brave genius. This is a solid message for the false, the martyrs of these martyrs. Evidence will always be written in golden letters throughout history,
Don’t look at my age
Four pieces of my body
I am a soldier of Din Muhammad
Manage my testimony

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