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O the picture of the martyrs of the path of the truth great you with the air of the homeland

Islamabad. Pilot wing commander Aman Akram will testify in a plane crash in the Federal capital Islamabad.

Naaman Akram won the Sharafgan Trophy last year and was from the Nine Squadron stationed in the adjoining Sargodha.

According to the details, wing commander Noman Akram, who passed out of the Sixth GD Pilot Course in the Pak Air Force, belonged to the Nine Squadron stationed in Sargodha.

Shaheed Wing Commander Noman Akram served the country and the nation on many fronts, his memories and services will always be remembered.

On the other hand, political leaders paid tribute to Shaheedong commander Nauman Akram, expressing regret over the demise of the Pak Air Force and the martyrdom of the pilot.

Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi on the martyrdom of Wing Commander Aman Akram said that the nation is proud of its demise, we are equally involved in the grief of their families.
Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar expressed regret over the incident and paid tribute to Shaheedong Commander Noman Akram and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of the martyr.

Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif expressed regret over the martyrdom of the Pak Air Force plane and said that it was very sad and sorry for the martyrdom of Wing Commander Nauman Akram. Give patience to the family.

Plane crash before The فوٹوز

It is believed that the F-16 fighter plane crashed near Shikarpari in Islamabad, the fighter plane F-16 crashed during Pakistan’s rehearsal, wing commander Noman Akram was martyred.


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