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Now reduce water and lung and respiratory problems reception

With the onset of weather , all people with weak lungs develop respiratory problems, coughs, colds and flu. As a result, they need to require antibiotic courses almost monthly or have a pile of home remedies. One thing all of them have in common is that they’re advised to avoid the cold. that they escape from the water but today we’ll tell you the ideas of treatment with water to urge obviate respiratory and lung diseases.

1: Drink lukewarm water
Of course, the utilization of water is extremely important for human health, but respiratory patients believe that the utilization of water can increase their disease, when actually it’s not because the body is dehydrated thanks to lack of water within the lungs. The accumulated mucus thickens and solidifies, which may cause discomfort. Lung and respiratory patients, however, should avoid cold water and use lukewarm water the maximum amount as possible. just in case of discomfort, take a glass of lukewarm water and take it slowly down the throat in sips. this may relieve the inflammation and discomfort of the tract and therefore the accumulated mucus also will start to melt out throughout the day. Drinking about three liters of water will maintain the balance of water within the body.

2: Take hot steam
The use of steam also can be very effective just in case of difficulty breathing. To steam, heat water during a pot and put a towel on your head. inhaling this steam not only causes a runny nose but also opens the stuffy nose. A teaspoon of wax or salt also can be added to the present water to urge the foremost benefit.

3: Tap the recent bottle
Patients with lung and respiratory problems have severe pain just in case of impaired health. during this condition, tapping a predicament bottle is extremely useful and not only relieves the pain but also expels mucus from the chest. I also help-

4: Applying lukewarm water within the nose
Difficulty breathing and nasal congestion can cause severe discomfort. For this, take lukewarm water and put it within the nose then expel it by force. it’s accumulated within the tract . The fiber comes out and therefore the nose opens

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