New York Emergency enforcement in the US state due to Corona Virus

According to a foreign media report, New York Governor Andrew Como announced the imposition of emergency due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Talking to the media in Albany, ankara escort the governor of New York said that 22 new cases of corona have been confirmed, and the number of patients in New York has risen to 76.

He says there are 57 people from Westchester who have been tested and reports are yet to come.

The governor said I am afraid more people will be affected by the virus. According to media reports, 11 cases were reported from New York City on Saturday and were shifted to the hospital.

Andrew said: ‘We do not have a good system for testing; we have sent more than 100 tests to the New York Commission, so that more and more citizens should be tested so that we can know the nature of their illness.
In the United States, 17 people have been killed by the Corona virus

Earlier, the US president signed a $ 8.3 billion bill to protect the public from the Corona virus, after which the United States would buy modern machinery and start work on vaccination.

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