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Imran Khan has signed new agreements with 13 private power generating companies (IPPs). This will reduce electricity prices across the country and remove a huge burden from the national exchequer.

First of all, these private companies will return Rs 700 billion looted from the people to the national treasury. This amount will be paid in 24 installments.

The price of electricity per unit will be Rs 14 instead of Rs 25. This alone will save hundreds of billions of rupees annually.
Earlier, governments used to give Rs 20 per unit to the public for purchasing electricity from some IPPs at Rs 25 per unit. She used to take external loans to cover the losses which have to be paid by the people.

Most importantly, from now on, the state will pay these power plants only as much as they pay for electricity.
Earlier agreements stipulated that the government would pay power plants according to their production capacity, whether they generate electricity or not. In other words, if a 500 MW power plant generates 100 MW of electricity in winter, only 500 MW will be paid. There was no such shameful agreement anywhere in the world.

The agreement also stipulates that companies will now receive only 17% annual profits. Earlier, it used to make a profit of up to 90% per annum and return to the people with both hands.

According to the new agreement, these companies will now be paid in rupees instead of dollars. This will gradually and surely reduce the value of the dollar.

Under the new agreement, these companies will be audited through international forums. In Pakistan, they used to buy government audit staff.

The surcharge will also be reduced for late payment of bills. The current surcharge has been rejected.

It has been decided to shut down non-profit power plants. This will remove another additional burden from the national treasury.

The government will be empowered to take strict and immediate action against any illicit profiteering by IPPs.

A new method of repaying the revolving loan will be devised.

If electricity becomes cheaper then inflation will come down in the whole country and production cost of industries will come down.

Imran Khan congratulated the nation and said that after reaching a new agreement with IPPs (curbing IPPs), now the second step is to improve the power distribution system, reduce line losses and collect bills. To ensure
Billions of rupees are stolen annually in Pakistan and in some areas it is considered perfectly halal.

Undoubtedly, this agreement is a great achievement of Imran Khan. Among the mafias that Khan is fighting in Pakistan, the oil power companies are probably the biggest mafia.

You may know that half of these IPPs are owned by Nawaz Sharif and Bhutto family. Their front men run them. Mian Mansha is Nawaz Sharif’s front man. 😊

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