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‘Mother didn’t even have a pie’, Aisha Omar recalls fond memories of childhood

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram
Ayesha Omar, a leading actress of the Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared with her fans the story of her childhood and mother’s struggle after the death of her father.

Aisha Omar cut a cake on the play set for her mother’s birthday, photos of which she shared on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

The actress celebrated her mother’s birthday and wrote a lengthy caption on the photos in which she described her mother and childhood struggle after her father’s death.

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Aisha Omar wrote that “a widow who had 2 children did not even have a pie in the name of her late husband; all of her sister’s brothers were married and they believed that the family of her sister was in the family. Married, they will be able to take good care of them economically and emotionally.

The actress further quoted the mother’s difficulties after her father’s death as saying, “My mother-in-law had dissolved the family company, whose major shareholder was my father, she passed away and they spent all their money on each other. I was the one who shared. ‘

Talking about her childhood, Aisha Omar said, “These years were very difficult for us, as soon as my college started I started doing some TV projects so I could pay for my education.”

Photo: file
The caption of this post shared by the actress impressed her loved ones, including showbiz industry figures, and all could not live without appreciating her and her mother’s struggle as well as everyone’s birthday to her mother. And congratulated

It may be noted that actress Aisha Omar has appeared in films along with the small screen and her upcoming films this year include ‘Rahbara’ and ‘Dhai Chaal’.

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