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Moscow: Tensions between the United States and Russia have risen again.

According to the details, Russia and the United States have once again come face to face. The US warship USS Porter entered the Black Sea in support of NATO in connection with Ukraine.

International media say that another US warship has joined the other two US warships stationed in the region. On the other hand, the Russian air defense system stationed on the island of Crimea has become active under the pretext of military exercises.

The US Navy has increased its presence in the Black Sea. This is the biggest activity of the US Navy in the Black Sea since 2017. A few days ago, President Biden warned Moscow that if Russia invaded the region, it would oppose it. The United States will take strong action.

Russia and the new US government have reached an important agreement

It’s been a few days since US President Joe Biden took office, but tensions with Russia have risen and tensions with China have risen.

Last week, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Putin agreed to extend a major nuclear deal, the White House said, adding that it was the first time the two leaders had spoken on the phone since Joe Biden took office. The topic was the New Start Agreement between the two countries, a nuclear disarmament agreement that expires on February 5.

In a conversation with his Russian counterpart, Joe Biden spoke of Russian aggression in Ukraine, including the arrest and poisoning of a Russian opposition leader during a Russian cyberattack during the US election, and said the United States supports Ukraine against Russian aggression.
Joe Biden made it clear that Russia would defend itself fully if it sought to harm US interests.

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