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Modi should not be misunderstood now or it will be your last mistake: PM

Mirpur: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that Modi should not be in any misunderstanding or else it will be your last mistake. If Modi and the Indian Army Chief have defected, 20 million Pakistanis will fight till the last breath.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the Kashmir solidarity rally in Mirpur Azad Kashmir and said, “I have come to Mirpur today for a special reason. The purpose of the Mirpur assembly is to convey a message to the Kashmiris of the occupied valley.”

The Prime Minister said that 80 lakh Kashmiris have been going through a difficult test since August 5, not only Azad Kashmir but the people of Pakistan are standing with them.

Imran Khan says that if a man has patience in difficult times, Allah loves him more. The message to the Kashmiris of the occupied valley is that your big time is coming. Narendramodi did that in 6 months ago. It is Modi’s mistake that will free Kashmir.

He said that before August 5, the world had forgotten Kashmir, did not take any name; all over Pakistan did not even name Kashmir in the world. In those six months, Kashmir became internationalized. India did not want any country. If India had said it was an internal problem.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that if Pakistan spoke of Kashmir, India would talk of Azad Kashmir, friends of Islamic countries of Pakistan did not speak of Kashmir. He said that Narendra Modi in his election campaign called Pakistan good and bad, Narendra Modi had taken a big step in arrogance to win the election with a large majority.

Imran Khan said that Modi killed 350 of our trees in Balakot, Paloma incident and then Bharat T sent two of our planes to our limits, an Indian pilot fell in Pakistan, Pakistan also piloted India’s big mosquito. Returned.

PM says Modi will conquer Pakistan in 11 days, Narendra Modi looks like your degree was fake, world history has not been read, the most powerful army in the world has been stuck in Afghanistan for 19 years, his generals too. Said we would win in a few weeks.

He said that there are people living in Pakistan whose religion says killing of one man is murder of humanity. If Modi and Indian Army Chief make a mistake, 20 million Pakistanis will fight till the last breath. Pakistan’s armed forces have sacrificed terror. Winning the war against terror, Pakistan’s armed forces are the best army in the world.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the people of Pakistan have faith in Allah. No one is afraid of death.

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