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Medalist pakistani actress Mehvish Hayat has backed the bill by responding to those who oppose the bill to hang abusive suspects in public

Mahvish Hayat has often expressed his opinion regarding social issues and this time the actress became angry with those who opposed the general execution.

Mahvish Hayat wrote in his tweet, “It is strange that cases of abuse and murder of our children are being reported and we say that the perpetrators should be executed publicly. Now that the government is doing so Are hiding behind human rights abuses. ‘

we need a strong commitment to curb this trend in society.”
It should be noted that in the National Assembly yesterday, a resolution to publicly execute the perpetrators of child abuse was unanimously approved by the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan.

Later, in his social media statement, Fawad Chaudhry condemned the resolution of the hanging of children’s abusers publicly and said that such laws are made in violent societies and that they reflect extremist thinking. Can’t fight against crime.

In addition to Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherin Mazari has also opposed the resolution to publicly execute the perpetrators of child abuse, while the opposition party PPP has strongly condemned the PML-N resolution. Is supported.

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