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Lubbock Pak Army

Muhammad mohsin

Pressure on the government to carry out military operations against the Taliban by political circles has increased, the PPP leadership has pressured the current government to act against the extremists under the defined policy. MQM held a rally in Karachi for military operation, MQM held solidarity rally and expressed solidarity with the armed forces of the country and gave practical evidence of patriotism, including unity Muslim PPP League. Other parties attended the rally, expressing solidarity with the armed forces and giving practical evidence of patriotism, Maatun had the support of the Decorate table talks with the Taliban, they have withdrawn support talks with Taliban in the changing situation, and the government is forced to open operation

Now Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar are examining why they do not want to get trapped in a swamp which will make it difficult for them to get out, PM Nawaz Sharif allows limited air strikes to retaliate against these miscreants. But they want to give peace a chance in the war, but they do not see any way out of this crisis.

The militant groups also want to deal with the rebellious Taliban by hand, and the entire nation is on the side of the armed forces. The prime minister has once again postponed the decision to launch an operation, but he decided to launch a decisive operation against the Taliban in early March 2014. Will be forced

In government circles, there are concerns that other cities, including Islamabad, may be targeted in the wake of military operations. Those who are expressing this concern say that a few days ago, when the Taliban and government committees While the negotiations were underway, what were these vicious people sitting peacefully issuing their evil thoughts, and the killing of innocent people and security forces was openly public.

Now, at the telephone level between the government and the Taliban negotiating committees, where the members of the Taliban committee are concerned, Amir Munawar Hassan, the leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, is also scared and worried about Nawaz Sharif’s problems. Mentioned and appreciated their behavior so far –

Now the military leadership does not want to give peace talks any more, and wants to use the force to crush the Taliban insurgency, and plans to complete a military operation in March.

However, Prime Minister and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar are constantly postponing the operation, but now they have to accept the demands of the operation by the political and military forces. To deal with these miscreants hand-to-hand,
This country is made on the basis of Islam,
Islam is the basis of this country
If there is no foundation, then it is annihilated,
When the talk of this world,
My Qur’an is, My Way

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