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Lockdown will be available from april 1 to 14 april

According to details, the government has decided to uphold the current situation of lockdown from April 1 to 14, Federal Minister Asad Omar informed the media at a press conference in this regard.

Regarding the decisions made in the National Command Coordination Committee, he said that today it has been decided that the current situation will be continued from 1st to 14th April.

Consulting the provinces has decided to keep the current situation till April 14, while the supply of medicines during lockdown will continue, all assured that the implementation of NCC decisions will be ensured.

He said that the services and industries that make up the basic necessities will remain open as it is very important to keep up with the food and pharmaceutical industries, and there will be no restriction on Goods transport, one half in this regard. Are coming

Asadar said that a flight will be launched on April 4, not all flights will be restored simultaneously. On April 4, a flight from overseas will be coming to Islamabad.

The Federal Minister said that all the passengers of the flight will be put in quarantine at the airport, they will be allowed to leave when the test results are negative, Karachi will also decide to resume flights after some time.

Asad Omar said that the more effective the provinces’ federal links, the better we will be able to help, in the past, because of arrivals from abroad, Corona is spreading, there will be a ban on domestic flights. Spread has declined while the need for further closures has not yet been realized.

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