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Lenovo Introduces World’s in First Foldable Laptop

Beijing: Foldable laptops like smartphones are a new form of this new decade. Given the rise of folding phones in 2019, the Lenovo company has also announced a new ThinkPad X1 Folder.
According to the technology website, the design of the laptop was introduced in May last year, and at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas, the company announced that can consumer bought in $ 255 by the middle of this year. Design-wise, this laptop is equipped with a 13.3-inch TKP LED display, with a stainless steel foil that protects the screen from scratch and a special layer on top. But the screen is so soft that it easily folds and unfolds. It also has a bluetooth keyboard when it’s finished. Fold can be used as the bottom of the laptop keyboard is the top serves as a monitor, is completely separate to be used with the open screen. On the back of the device, a stand is built-in inside the case. In its full-fledged format, the X-One Fold becomes like a tablet that can be browsed with TVs and movies as well. It is possible to view various folders at the same time using various folders on split screen mode.

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The company has a 5-megapixel IR over the camera display, while navigation panels can be made from the Active Pane to the laptop, along with Dolby stereo speakers. Along with this foldable laptop, there is also a physical mini keyboard that can be mounted down to give the user a desktop experience and when folded, this keyboard can be placed in front of the display while the mouse can also be used.

In this laptop I will be given a Windows 10 Pro operating system as well as an Intel UHD Generation 11 graphics card and is part of the 8GB one TB storage option. It has been given a 50 watt battery. Which will only work for up to 11 hours on a single charge and has the convenience of rapid charging support.
It is expected that this foldable laptop will be available by the middle of the year. The laptop is priced at $ 2,499 with Windows 10, while with the Windows X10 version it will be available soon.

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