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Lemon is a treasure trove of many diseases and medicine

Lemon is a treasure trove of many diseases and medicine

Fresh lemons have been used for centuries as ayurvedic and Greek medicines in other regions, including whole products including Pakistan.
Lemons are considered to be of many benefits as they are rich in Vitamin C.
Lemons are often used to make delicious food dishes more palatable. Lemons can be extremely beneficial in many complex diseases.


Lemon Eliminates Indigestion This is why lemons are used frequently in the past for centuries. And by adding a teaspoon of sugar in the lemonade, heat it on a light flame and drink it to ease indigestion. You can also cut lemons and sprinkle with black salt.

Gastric acidity

In the case of acute acidity in the stomach, the use of honey and a pinch of sodium carbonate in a lemonade gives relief to acids.

Constipation complaint

In the case of constipation, the lemonade gets up in the morning and drinks in warm water.

The citric acid contained in lemons, combined with mineral salts, is excellent at eliminating the grease in the liver.

Complaining of fever weakness.

In the case of fever and frost, the use of lemonade is a prescription. For this, the lemonade should be well mixed in water. Because it contains a high amount of vitamin C. Which acts to enhance the immune system and at the same time relieve the effects of fever and weakness.

Complaining of a dry cough.

Drinking a mixture of honey and lemon in warm water can help to relieve dry cough, which you can use in the winter.

Sore throat in tonsils.

Squeeze lemons in a glass of warm water, add four teaspoons of honey to it and sprinkle some salt slowly. The throat will be completely gone.

In swollen jaws

The lemonade is very beneficial for swollen jaws. Because it contains vitamin C, it helps to relieve joint pain and inflammation of bones by strengthening the body’s cells.

For obesity

To reduce obesity, you should add a teaspoon of honey in a period of lemonade to drink excessive fat in the morning by drinking in salty mouth water. Minimal because it strengthens the nerves by dissolving the grease.

Summer has begun to make the daily use of lemon syrup. Drinking lemon water will keep your digestive system healthy and your blood healthy and your body will be active and healthy because of the treasure of vitamin C and other vitamins. Are rich

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