Legendary actor Charlie Chaplin

charlie Chaplin

Legendary actor Charlie Chaplin once secretly participated in a contest in which dozens of people took his form. The contest was called Chaplins, which was to imitate the best Charlie Chaplin.
So everyone started showing the essence of their art, including Charlie
Charlie himself finished third when it came to announcing the results. It is a very interesting fact of life that when we see someone at the height of his art, we kneel before him as a king if people knew that
Charlie himself among them
If he exists then maybe he
Can’t perform like that.
And Charlie wouldn’t just be claiming that he’s the best in his art, so of course he wouldn’t let anyone else get the first position, so try to get rid of that assumption and delusion that you do. There is no one who can do better than you, or who is doing the best and none of you can do it. Your individual effort should continue at all costs and never give up trying to make yourself better. Should not.


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