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Last week, 18 essential items became more expensive and 11 became cheaper

Inflation, as measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), has come down to 0.07 per cent during the last week, followed by a modest decline to 7.68 per cent.
According to a weekly report on inflation released by the Bureau of Statistics, the price of sugar rose by an average of 57 paise in just one week, after which the average price of sugar rose from Rs 101.49 to Rs 102.06 per kg. While potatoes, bananas and beef have also become more expensive. In a week, dal mash, curd, eggs and ghee have also become more expensive.

According to the statistics agency, prices of 11 items have declined in the last one week. Among the items whose prices have come down, a 20 kg bag of flour has become cheaper by Rs4.69 while tomato prices have also gone down by Rs4.

According to the report, lentils, garlic, onions, lentils and goat meat have become cheaper in the country in the last one week. According to the data, prices of about 22 items have stabilized in the last week.

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