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Know the magical effects of creek water? If you do not know now, get this natural prescription and make amazing changes in your body

Weight loss and beautiful skin are the desire of every woman and therefore she is often seen using homemade prescriptions. Today we also give you a simple version of cucumber and water. Also known as detox water.

Detox Water Detox Water is very useful for weight loss and skin healing.

It is actually used by many women for weight loss, which can make a clear difference in a few days as well as its use can also help to control acne and also refresh your skin and health. Can be made from mold and it does not cause any harm because it is made from natural ingredients.
There are several types of detox water used in different fruits such as lemons and ginger, cans and cucumbers.

  • Today we show you how to make detox water from cucumbers and lemons.
  • Take a nutshell and a slice of lemon and wash and slice them into round slices like slices.
  • Take 7 to 8 mint leaves and a piece of cinnamon.
  • Put all these things in a jug and then fill the jug with water and mix it with the help of a spoon.
  • Put this jug in the fridge at night and get up in the morning and drink this water as often as you are thirsty.
  • You can also add more water to the jug if the water is low.
  • But be careful that it is refreshed daily.
  • After using it you will not only lose weight but also your skin will be better and digestive system will be good.
  • It also eliminates the urge to drink harmful soda drinks, and you can add a number of kale to it to further enhance your taste.
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