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Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are at the brink of Hindu ideology: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are at the brink of Hindu ideology, the intolerance will infuse other minorities as well.
In a statement on the social networking site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Hindutva’s Hindu ideology tells the world to target minorities, Kashmiris and Indian Muslims are targets of Hindu ideology, intolerance against minorities, target incidents. Growing up, the idea of intolerance will engulf other minorities as well.

I am constantly warning the world community that all minorities will one day embrace the racist ideology of Modi’s Hindu supremacy. Currently Muslims living in Kashmir and India are targeted but other minorities will also be subjected to intolerance and these growing attacks.
If this agenda of aggressionist supremacy is not stopped, then all India-based groups, including the Dalits, will be affected. As a result, the violence in the hands of these fascists will fade as the conflict unfolds. If immediate steps are not taken to address the situation, the consequences will be felt beyond the region.

He further said that if the agenda of aggressionist supremacy was not stopped then all the groups in India, including the Dalits, would fall victim to it, and as a result of the conflict there would be violence in the hands of the Pharisees, regardless of the need to address the situation. Will feel

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