Kashmir is being celebrated all over the world including pakistan today

 The purpose of celebrating Kashmir Day is to raise the voice of the people of occupied Kashmir for the right to self-determination and to end Indian atrocities.

On the day of solidarity with Indian oppressed Kashmiris, the entire Pakistani nation is sending a clear message to our oppressed Kashmir brothers and sisters today that the hearts of Pakistanis and Kashmiris are beating together.

Today, the world is being convinced that the peace of the region is linked to the right of Kashmiris to self-determination.

On the eve of Kashmir Day, protest rallies are being staged across the world including Pakistan against Indian occupation and Indian atrocities, as well as tributes being paid to the mothers, sisters and brothers of the chest against the oppression of the occupying Indian forces. Is.
In connection with Kashmir Day, celebrations have been held in different cities and public holidays have also been announced across the country today, while speech competitions and debates are being organized in this regard.

The main event of solidarity Kashmir Day was held in Muzaffarabad, in which human-chain of bridges connecting Pakistan and Azad Kashmir expressed solidarity with Kashmiris.
A minute’s silence was played on the occasion of the siren. In addition, signatory camps have been set up at several places to express solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris.
Prime Minister Imran Khan is on a visit to Azad Kashmir today on Solidarity Kashmir where he is addressing the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir and during this time he will also talk about the ongoing lockdown in occupied Kashmir.
On solidarity day, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider has sent a message to India that he should turn away from his satanic purposes.
He said that unilateral actions of India did not invalidate UN resolutions. In the world, all the justices are behind the people of occupied Kashmir.
We are convinced that the struggle of Kashmiris will be successful.

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