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Karachi: Foreign funding case will become important to Panama Two.

According to details, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid visited NADRA Mega Center Korangi. The Home Minister reviewed the work in NADRA Mega Center. Director General NADRA briefed Sheikh Rashid regarding NADRA records.

On this occasion, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that he came to Karachi today and had breakfast at Rangers headquarters. Rangers are working hard in Karachi. Rangers ensured peace in Karachi.

Sheikh Rashid said that new identity cards will be issued to one lakh people free of cost. He announced to open NADRA office in all tehsil headquarters. He said that like identity cards, they are also providing facility for passports.

He said that they are going to introduce e-passport quietly. They have sent a summary in finance regarding e-passport while they have been expiring the passport for 10 years.

Referring to the foreign funding case, the Home Minister said that the foreign funding case would become important and this case would become Panama II.

Regarding the protest of PDM, Sheikh Rashid said that on the directive of the Prime Minister, we allowed the Red Zone to come.

He said that we are trying to meet the grievances of the people. There are 62 NADRA centers and 16 mobile vans in Sindh. Now 3 more NADRA centers in Sindh are going to operate 24 hours a day.

The Home Minister said that he wanted to tell Maryam Sahib to read it or read it. Many more of her properties are going to come out.

Sheikh Rashid further said that for the first time in the history of the Election Commission, the Home Minister has learned so much. I want to inform Maulana that his affairs are going to be embraced by him. Maulana Fazlur Rehman will be the most loss-making religious figure ۔

He said that he had had an affair with Maulana before. He is still my brother-in-law. He is also sitting in a rage.

Sheikh Rashid said, “I challenge you. The law was being made against the end of prophethood. The PML-N was bringing it. Fazlur Rehman voted for the end of prophethood law in the National Assembly. I stopped it.”

He said that Imran Khan has given me the responsibility of Home Minister. He said that he would not allow any counter-fair in the Interior Ministry. He wanted to make Karachi a safe city. He told Rangers today that Sindh government would provide funding for safe city.

Referring to MQM, the Home Minister said that MQM is our brother organization. I have been associated with them all my life. I do not have time, otherwise I had to go to MQM.

Sheikh Rashid further said that we have to make NADRA according to the standards of the people. The identity card will be given to the one who is Pakistani. We are taking NADRA towards betterment. We are going to make passport a smart passport.


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