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Karachi: An innocent 80-year-old housemaid was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment without committing any crime.

Sakina Ramzan, a poor woman from Quetta, was a housemaid. Her only fault was that she came to Karachi in 2014 with the electronic equipment given to her by her boss.

Customs officials at the airport seized 40kg of hashish from his luggage during a check, for which he was sentenced by an anti-drug court to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 million.
But after seven years, he is being released on the basis of insufficient evidence for a crime he did not commit.

In this regard, Additional Advocate General Punjab Faisal Chaudhry said that in the delivery of justice there is not only a court but there are three parts which run this system together.
In which first the investigation then the prosecution and then the decision of the court comes.

Remember that the worst example of this is the case of Asma Nawab of Karachi who spent 20 years in jail for killing his family members but the tragedy is that even after 20 years it could not be determined whether he really Was she guilty or not?

The trial court had sentenced Asma to death but appealed that the evidence on which Asma was sentenced was ineffective.
The case was heard in the High Court and the court ruled that the evidence was insufficient to convict Asma, after which the court acquitted him.

It should be noted that there are innumerable prisons across the country in which there are innumerable prisoners who are awaiting the verdicts of their cases.

In the judicial system and in the police investigation, Suqam makes his imprisonment for such a minor crime so long that even if he comes out of jail, he thinks that he does not remember the punishment for the crime.


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