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ISLAMABAD: Young people across the country should apply for membership of the National Youth Council from the website of the successful youth.

According to details, Federal Minister Asad Omar in a message addressed to the youth across the country said that he wanted to give good news to the youth. The Prime Minister has made all efforts for a better future of the youth. Prime Minister Imran Khan will do it himself.

50 youths from all over the country will be selected. The youths will work with the Prime Minister to formulate the policies that they need
The youth played an important role in Imran Khan’s struggle.

The selection process of the Youth Council is being done on the basis of transparency and merit. Apply from the website of Young Successful Youth.

It may be recalled that the government had asked for data from the youth to join the Youth Council
In this regard, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Usman Dar had said in a video message addressed to the youth that the Prime Minister has decided to increase the number of youth in the Youth Council. Advocacy for issues will be provided on the platforms.

He said that the youth should go beyond the platform of the National Youth Council and the positive image of Pakistan needs to be brought before the world. The council will be involved in policy making for the development of the youth.

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