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ISLAMABAD: The United States has offered to help Pakistan in the development of the expected corona vaccine.

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According to the details, good news came out regarding the expected corona vaccine for Pakistan. The United States offered to develop the vaccine together with Pakistan. Diplomatic contacts are underway with the United States for Pakistan’s expected cron vaccine.
The Pakistani mission in Washington informed the government of the US offer.

According to sources, the United States has said that it would welcome Pakistan in the process of making corona vaccine and is ready to cooperate in making corona vaccine expected from Pakistan.

The US offered that US companies could co-operate with Pakistan in vaccine development. Through co-operation, Pakistani companies would be able to develop corona vaccine locally. Will be available.

The Ministry of Health has demanded 15 150 million for advance booking of chronovascular vaccines

In this regard, the sources said that the Pakistani mission suggested the government to consult with the concerned parties. Pakistan has decided to respond positively to the US offer of corona vaccine.

Sources further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Ministry of Health to consult with Pakistani companies. Imran Khan also sought suggestions on the offer from the Ministry of Health and concerned officials.

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