ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s opposition will now see a different Imran Khan.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Tiger Force at the Islamabad Convention Center. Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said, “Madness, thank you for your spirit. I welcome the Tiger Force. Thanks for the help.

Prime Minister Imran Khan termed the PDM meeting as a circus and said that there were many artists in this circus. Why are you sticking to diesel?

Imran Khan said that citizens’ volunteer force has a great place in the society. Volunteer force has to protect the needs and rights of citizens. When there are difficulties in the society, citizens come to help the government. Pakistanis stand up in every difficult time.

He further said that there is no precedent in any country that a special cancer hospital was built with the help of the people. Tigers like you built the hospital together. We should be proud that it is the only cancer hospital in the world. 75% of patients are treated free of cost. When people realize that they are, they immediately stand up.

The Prime Minister said that tree planting has to be done in the country. Pakistan is affected by climate change. The wheat crop which was rained at the wrong time due to climate change has been affected. The country needs to not only grow trees but also clean its rivers.

Referring to inflation, Imran Khan said that there are many reasons for inflation in our country. We lost our rupee. We got government. We got huge trade deficit. Diesel is not saying.

He said that inflation has also increased due to coveed. We import 60% pulses from outside the country. We needed 2.7 million tons of wheat. We lost money due to rains.

The Prime Minister said that hoarding is a great curse of the country. Quaid-e-Azam also termed hoarding as a great curse. Tiger Force should not interfere anywhere. Tiger Force has to take a picture and put it on the portal. The rest is up to us.

Imran Khan said that by doing so, some people will come who will start making money. At present, there are few and very powerful people who make sugar. The Sharif family and Zardari also have sugar mills. This time they set the price they wanted. We came up with a way to set the price.

“I said 11 years ago that the circus would start. I don’t want to talk about the two children who gave speeches yesterday. One of them has become a nanny but she has a baby for me,” he said.

The Prime Minister said, “What can I say about the twelfth player? I want to sit in London and talk about him. I want to talk about him. Look at the shape of him when he was going to the UK and see what shape he made when he went there.” When I saw the situation, tears came to his eyes. Tears would also come to my eyes if I did not know him.
Imran Khan said that no one can do such an act in Hollywood as Shahbaz Sharif did when Shirin Mazari started crying and he had to let her out. He used wrong language against the Army Chief and DG ISI.
He said that there was no government in the history of the subcontinent that hated Pakistan as much as Modi. The day before yesterday, 20 members of the security forces were martyred and they were sacrificing their lives for us and the country.
The Prime Minister said that this wolf had suffocated and ran out. This is the Nawaz Sharif who is using such language against the army and the army today. Nawaz Sharif made a secret at General Jilani’s house and became a minister. He polished Zia-ul-Haq’s shoes and became the Chief Minister. The country’s courts helped him. This is the man who imprisoned Zardari twice.
Imran Khan said that the case of Hudabia Paper Mills was not made by General Bajwa. A book was written on Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. The book mentioned how both of them stole money from the country. The book was not written by General Bajwa. If you write, you have to prove what you write.
He said that it is mentioned in Ghost Wars that Nawaz Sharif sought protection from US Army. These people can sell the country to save their stolen money. What Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq did is what they do. This attack is not on General Bajwa but Pakistan Army. Are on

The Prime Minister further said that this is what Narendra Modi was saying. He used to say that Nawaz Sharif is like him and not the army chief. I showed the world the form of Modi. He is a big extremist. The Indian media is showing how much Nawaz Sharif is a democrat.

Imran Khan said, “Doesn’t India know that this is the Prime Minister who attacked the Supreme Court? The injustice is that he bought the rest of the judiciary by giving a brief case. He used to ask Justice Qayyum to sentence Benazir Bhutto to five years.”

He said that Hudabia Paper Mills case is closed by the judiciary, so it is very good. When the judiciary declared him incompetent, why did he start evicting me? Nawaz Sharif, brother, daughter and son all lie.

The Prime Minister said that 137 petitions were filed in the 2013 elections and there were only 90 petitions in the 2018 elections. Fafan said that the 2018 elections were better than 2013. When I asked for opening of 4 out of 137 constituencies, all four were rigged.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from the election. His wife contested the election. They spent Rs. 250 crore on a by-election. We have documents to spend Rs. 250 crore. It will be very different


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