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Islamabad Prime Minister Imran khan involved in flour and sugar crisis

According to details, the report of the inquiry committee made by Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the flour and sugar crisis has been completed which the Prime Minister decided to make public.

Investigative reports include the names of several prominent political families, as well as the names of Jahangir Tareen Mons Elahi and Khusro Bakhtiar’s relative.
Before publishing the reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan himself reviewed the report.

According to the Prime Minister’s Assistant Information for Accountability Shahzad Akbar, the beneficiaries of the Chinese subsidy include JDWRY’s Sharif and Omni groups.

Khusro Bakhtiyar’s brother in the RY group and shares of Jummun Elahi, JDW group, probably belong to Jahangir Tare. There will also be action against.

According to reports, the major cause of the wheat crisis is not the federal provincial government’s planning. Punjab Food Department has failed to control the Punjab Food Department Flour Mills for 20 to 22 days.

Punjab Food Department failed to devise a mechanism for demand and supply, despite the fact that floor mill owners failed to meet demand and supply, Punjab Food Department did not take decisions in view of the situation.

According to the report, it is the responsibility of former Food Secretary Naseem Sadiq, former Food Director Zafraqbal. Food Minister Punjab Samiullah is responsible for not taking steps.
The Competition Commission has received Rs.33.33 million out of Rs 27 billion in 13 years.

The report states that Sindh did not buy wheat and Punjab’s purchase was delayed. In Sindh, the responsibility for low wheat cannot be personally imposed on anyone as the Sindh cabinet has not made any decision on the summary of the wheat harvest.

According to the report, Minister Qalandar Lodhi Secretary Akbar Khan in KP KP Sadat Hussain KP Secretary and Director Food was found responsible for the delay in wheat procurement. Sahibzada’s beloved Sultan could not respond to the ECC’s ignorance.

The crisis involves the Flour Mills Association

The report states that KP depends on wheat requirements Punjab Director Food Security and Research could not be satisfied with delay in procurement of wheat Food Security and Research kept ECC informed about wheat procurement. I am a member of the Flour Mills Association in the wheat and flour crisis. On December 13, 2019, the Competition Commission fined Flour Mills at the rate of Rs.

Suggestions of the Federal Ministry of Food Security misleading

The FIA report says that the procedure for investigating the Competition Commission is very slow, despite the wheat deficit in the country, wheat reserves were kept low. Suggestions to the Federal Ministry of Food Security were misleading MD Pascoe and the secretary are responsible for the food security failure.

According to the report, the Ministry of Food allowed the export of flour semolina in August 2019, the secretary of the ministry could not provide any explanation. Prices could be controlled and the secretary responsible for the food is Hashim Popplezai and former MD Pascoe Muhammad Khan.

25 billion subsidy on sugar exports

The report states that from May 2014 to June 2019, the Punjab government has taken advantage of subsidy and export price increase of 3 billion subsidy on sugar. Secretary Food Security also expressed concerns over sugar exports. During this period, sugar prices increased by Rs 16 per kg. In the last five years, sugar exports were subsidized at Rs 25 billion.

According to the report, a commission constituted by the government will conduct a forensic audit of the sugar industry. The forensic audit will help in formulating the country’s agricultural policy.

How much subsidy did anyone get?

According to the report, Jahangir Tareng Group receives 22% of Chinese subsidy. JDW Group of JahangirTrain receives subsidy of Rs 56 crore. Khusro Bakhtiyar’s brother Omar Shahi Yar group has subsidized over Rs 35 million. ۔

Khusro Bakhtiyars brother and Mons Divine shareholder in Rai’s group 4 billion and Jahangir Tare has more than 3 billion subsidیy Le Hai Group, Hunza Group 2 billion 80 million and Fatima Group 2 million 30 million subsidy report Anwar Majeed Also mentioned are Omni Group Sugar Mills and Sharif Family Sugar Mills. Sharif Group receives subsidy of Rs1.4 billion, Omni Group receives subsidy of over Rs 90 crore.

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