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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government cannot deliver unless all the ministries show performance.

According to details, a ceremony was held between the Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers in Islamabad where agreements were signed between the Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers.

The Prime Minister said that for a year and a half we were not aware of the statistics. Different statistics were coming from each institution. Some of our ministers are learning and some are improving. I think there should be time to form a team before coming into government. On the other hand, Joe Biden has two and a half months to select a team.

Addressing a function on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that it is a great step that we will put pressure on ourselves. The ministers in our government now have to improve their performance. Two and a half years have passed and now we cannot say that they are inexperienced. Governing is the biggest challenge that many sleepless nights think about.

Addressing the function, the Prime Minister said that only by improving the energy sector can cheap electricity be provided to the people.
The biggest challenge in our government is electricity. Providing quality and affordable electricity to the people is the priority of the government.

The Prime Minister said that if flour is expensive then everything is bad. The federation is called the Ministry of Food Security but the powers are with the provinces. Similarly, the environment is also with the provinces but it should remain with the federation to increase subsidy exports and Used to revive the economy, subsidies are targeted at the lower classes.

PM Imran Khan said that we have to put full emphasis on exports. Malaysia has converted pensions into savings but this burden is on us. Dr. Ishrat is trying for civil service reforms for the governance system. We will have to do grading. We will do grading of AB and C on the priorities of national importance as projects worth billions of rupees get stuck in the ministries.

The Prime Minister further said that we have to give importance to the dollar system coming in the country to increase the value of rupee to prevent the current account from going into deficit as it is very difficult and after two years our economy is moving in the right direction.

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