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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Karuna will be removed from FATF’s gray list like the epidemic.

Addressing a joint sitting of Parliament today, the Prime Minister said that he was thinking that the opposition would look after the interest of the people instead of personal interest. The opposition will support the government but today I saw that the opposition has no concern for the interest of Pakistan and not the whole opposition but a few leaders are responsible for the situation.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition made every effort for its own interest. The opposition presented 34 amendments to the NAB rules. These suggestions are to close their cases. Today, key opposition leaders are embroiled in money laundering cases. Pakistan did not go to the gray list because of us. We have inherited it. Everyone should know what it means to go to the black list. If there was a black list, all imports would be banned.

He said, “Thank God, Pakistan came out of the corona epidemic because of which India’s GDP went down by 24%. On the other hand, the WHO is saying that in the war against corona, learn from Pakistan. At least a little bit of praise, but seeing the attitude of the opposition leaders, my suspicions were confirmed today. The opposition thought that we would be blackmailed, but we did not.

There are 3 ways to prevent sex crimes
The Prime Minister said that today this House has proved that it stands with Pakistan. I pay tribute to all the allies for the important legislation. The Gujjarpura incident has shaken the whole country. Protecting Children Rape destroys lives and even harms families. Ever since you thought this happened, pass the best resolution for it.

He said that the experience of the world shows that sex offenders commit crimes again. We need to work in three ways against such incidents. We must first improve policing. A regular record of elements involved in sex crimes will be compiled. If such elements like Abid, who have been involved in rape cases before, were given severe punishments, then police registration is necessary in which sex offenders are registered.

The Prime Minister said that we are preparing a bill on exemplary punishments which includes severe punishments. The bill will be presented before the Assembly in a few days. We should pass a unanimous law to prevent incidents like Gujjarpura.
The third is that arresting the accused and proving the guilt is also the most difficult step. There will also be complete legislation to prove the guilt.

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