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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the Discipline Rules 2020 to improve the performance of civil servants.

According to the details, the new Discipline Rules 2020 are aimed at improving the performance of civil servants and making departmental accountability transparent. To expedite the process of departmental accountability, the status of competent officer was abolished. Under the Civil Servants Rules, only the Authority or Inquiry Officer will now be on the committee.

This process will solve the problem of giving minor punishments by the competent officer at the lower level.

Under the new rules, timelines were set for each phase. By law, allegations must be answered within 10 to 15 days. The inquiry committee or officer has set a time limit of 60 days to complete the proceedings.

Under the Civil Servants Rules 2020, the case must be decided by the authority within 30 days. The authority will provide justice and a personal hearing on the allegations.

An important step by the government to end political interference in the civil service

Plebiscite and voluntary returns were also included in the category of corruption. The new rules include delays in the provision of records and delays by departmental representatives. In addition, there are laws on suspended deputation leave and scholarships for officers.

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