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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a Rs 1100 billion package for the disaster-hit city of Karachi.

According to details, while announcing the Karachi Transformation Plan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a huge package of Rs. 1100 billion for the city leader.

Imran Khan said in a news conference that he has brought a historic package of Rs 1100 billion for Karachi in which Rs 800 billion will be part of the federation and Rs 300 billion will be part of Sindh. The water problem is old.

He said that sewerage system will be a part of 1100 billion package. Transport, solid waste water and sewerage system problems will be solved. Karachi circular railway will be completed with this package. We are trying to solve Karachi problems together.

The Prime Minister said that water problem in Karachi is old and efforts are being made to solve this problem as soon as possible. NDMA is cleaning the drains and will do so. Karachi’s transport and road problems will also be resolved through this package.

He said that the people of Karachi had to go through a very difficult situation and now after consultation they all decided to solve the problems of Karachi through PCIC.

PM Imran Khan said that there are boundaries of different institutions in Karachi so it was difficult to implement decisions here. One of the major reasons for Karachi’s problems is the division of powers but now it takes one year and three years to solve Karachi’s problems. Policies have been formulated. The federation will clean the drains. The province will resettle the displaced. The PCIC will monitor all the works in which the federation, the provincial government and the army will participate.

He said that Chief Minister Sindh informed me about the situation in Sindh. We are seeing how we can help the people of Sindh. Balochistan and Swat region and Chitral have also been affected by the rains. God has put us to the test of the rains.

The Prime Minister said that the Provincial Coordination Implementation Committee (PCIC) has been formed to solve the problems of Karachi. Now all the decisions will be taken in the forum of this committee. We will fight with a joint strategy. It has been decided that we will solve the problems of Karachi on a permanent basis.

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