ISLAMABAD: PM Imran khan has decided to seek national services from the Tiger Force on more fronts

According to details, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan Usman Dar had an important meeting in which the Prime Minister was briefed on issues related to the successful youth program Tiger Force.

The Prime Minister has decided to get national services from the Tiger Force on more fronts.

The Prime Minister will soon address the youth of the Volunteer Force and the national volunteers will also be given the task of cleaning up the possible flood situation.

The Prime Minister will direct the Tiger Force to ensure implementation of Corona SOPs while the youth will also be given an opportunity to cooperate with the government for the third phase of the Ehsas program.

Special Assistant Usman Dar said in the briefing that 165,000 volunteers performed their duties and more than 136,000 youths from Punjab participated in the activities while 124,000 youths from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assisted the government. ۔

Usman Dar said that most of the youth are literate. The youth volunteers will continue to assist in national affairs and the youth should be given full opportunity to serve at the national level.

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