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ISLAMABAD: People should be careful. There is no fee for Ehsas program survey.

According to the details, Special Assistant Dr. Sania Nishtar in her statement said that the Ehsas survey is going on in the country and 70% of it has been completed. The purpose of the survey is to find the deserving families and give them their due.

Regarding the Ehsas Survey, Dr. Sania Nishtar said that the Ehsas Survey has started in Lahore last week. It is not a survey that can be manipulated. When the welfare program starts, the criminals start cheating money.

The Special Assistant further said that this digital survey will be completed by June this year. He realized that there is no fee for all the services available. Along with the survey, they are also giving benefits to the people.

Regarding Ehsas Kifalat program, Sania Nishtar said that 280,000 people received a message yesterday to receive money. Today, 200,000 people will also receive a message. Collaborate with teams.

He clarified that no money should be given to any counterfeiter. There is no fee for the survey.

The special assistant said that the responsibility of the survey is given to the teachers with their consent. If someone forbids the survey in any place, then it happens. 99% good work is being done. Highlight it more.

He further said that the engine of the entire government is running in good faith at the moment. Where such a big work is done, the biggest challenge is the corrupt elements. In a sense, there is a whole cell that works on fake messages.

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