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Islamabad: Opposition can go to any extent to get NRO.

According to details, Imran Khan tweeted on social networking site Twitter that the opposition believes that this is the last resort to put pressure on the NRO which will never happen. These leaders have no sympathy for the people.
PDM leaders will never succeed in getting NRO.

Addressing the opposition, the Prime Minister said that he had never worked a single day in his life and his royal lifestyle depended on illicit and illicit wealth.
We are competing with a political leadership that has not gone through a democratic struggle. These people are unable to understand the difficulties facing ordinary citizens.
He said that the PDM leadership had never taken part in any important work for the betterment of the people and their only and frustrating goal was to save the families from corruption and looted wealth.

In his tweet, the Prime Minister said that we have launched Smart Lockdown to save the poor and the economy from catastrophe. These leaders opposed Smart Lockdown and demanded a complete lockdown.
Now there is a need for smart lockdown again, so they are holding rallies. They want to hold rallies without taking care of the lives and safety of the people.

Imran Khan further said that these leaders plundered the national wealth and made the people poorer. The so-called leaders of the opposition are living a luxurious life in big palaces. The opposition leaders also inherited this position from their families to get NRO. They can go to any extent.

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