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Islamabad: If the opposition resigns, we will hold elections.

According to details, in a meeting with senior columnists, the Prime Minister said that the opposition wants the government to use force but the government will not use force against the opposition. ۔

The Prime Minister said that the opposition is playing with the lives of the people. Some countries do not want Pakistan’s economy to be strong. Opposition protests are also taking place in a certain direction. Some countries do not want to see Pakistan develop. She wants to end the NAB.

Imran Khan said that we have delayed in reforming the institutions. The country has suffered due to non-implementation of immediate reforms. The IMF wants to increase the prices of electricity. We are an obstacle. There are problems in Punjab due to the old political affiliation of the bureaucracy. Every policy has the full support of the Pakistan Army.
If Hafeez Sheikh had to be removed due to NAB case, then there is an option. The economy is moving in the right direction.
The Prime Minister admitted that it was a big mistake not to go to the IMF on time.

He said that local body elections would be held after the Senate elections next year. Local body elections are being delayed due to Karuna.

I know it’s a difficult time, but I also know that victory will be mine. Attempts are being made to destabilize the country. Some nations do not want to see a strong Pakistan. This is what happened in Iraq,” he said. An attempt was made to weaken both countries by fighting Iraq and Iran.

He said that there was a plan behind the whole process of conspiring to fight Saudi Arabia and Iran and there was a source behind what was happening in Pakistan.
Both the people and the opposition are not taking Karuna seriously. A nationwide lockdown would be a disaster for a country like Pakistan.

I am not under any pressure to recognize Israel. We have good relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE he said.

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