ISLAMABAD: Details of loans taken from international financial institutions have been tabled in the Senate.

According to details, the finance ministry told the Senate that 4 4.111 billion had been borrowed from the World Bank for 21 institutions, and 66 3.66 billion from the Asian Development Bank.

A 68 680 million loan was taken from the Islamic Development Bank, while a 80 800 million loan was taken from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Development Bank.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the government signed 21 agreements with the World Bank, 22 agreements with the Asian Development Bank, and 58 agreements with international financial institutions to reform public institutions.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the interest rate on the loan taken from the IMF is 4.05. The repayment process will start from 2024 and will continue till 2032.

Privatization list

The list of 19 entities included in the privatization list was also tabled in the Senate. PIA’s Rose Welt Hotel New York is also included in the privatization list. Block Power Plant, Haveli Bahadur Shah Plant, SME Bank are also included in the list. Include

Privatization list includes First Women Bank, Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Engineering Company, Services International Hotel, Jinnah Convention Center, Mari Petroleum, Nandipur Power Plant, State Life Insurance Corporation, OGDCL, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, and Guddu Power Plant. Also included.

Rising drug prices

A notice was also tabled in the Senate to draw attention to the increase in the prices of medicines. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said that the government had twice increased the prices of medicines, which affected every household. After adding 500 per cent, he said that it was because of this. In order to ensure the availability of medicines, the government knelt before the pharma mafia.

Senator Mushtaq said that the heads of 45 pharma companies are PTI officials, is that correct? Drape is currently sponsoring the pharma mafia. We demand that the prices of medicines be brought to the level of June 2018. The NAB does not see the corruption of the pharma mafia.

Corona damages the country’s economy

During Question Hour in the Senate session, the Ministry of Finance presented the details of the losses incurred by the Corona to the national economy, in which it was said that due to Corona, the GDP growth rate fell by 2% and the FBR received Rs. Deficit, GDP fell from 2.4% to minus 0.4%, budget deficit also increased by 1%, budget deficit stood at 8.1% instead of 7.5%, Pakistani exports The target was also reduced.

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