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Islamabad Corona’s second alarming wave, second phase of precautionary measures to be implemented in Pakistan from today

According to details, the second phase of precautionary measures announced by the National Command and Operations Center will be implemented from today due to the rapid spread of Corona in the second alarming wave of Corona in Pakistan.

The second phase of the precautionary measures will be implemented till January 31, 2021, which will ensure strict implementation of Corona SOPs across the country.

The second phase will be implemented in sensitive cities of Corona including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad and others.

In the second phase, the NCOC will implement the Gilgit-Baltistan model for face masks. Those who do not wear Gilgit-Baltistan-style masks will be fined Rs 100 while those who do not wear masks will be fined and provided three masks.

The work-from-home policy for government and private offices will also be implemented from today. 50% staff will be allowed in government and private offices.

Instructions have been issued to the four provinces for implementation of the second phase of precautionary measures. Smart lockdown will be implemented in the hotspot areas of Korona.

In the second phase, indoor wedding ceremonies will be banned, but the ban will take effect on November 20. Wedding ceremonies will be allowed to be held in the open air, and 1,000 guests will be able to attend the open-air wedding ceremony.

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