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Is it possible to charge mobile phones with eyesight?

LONDON: A British company has announced the good news to mobile users that they will not need an electric socket to charge mobile in the future.

According to a technology-observant website, MindPlay has developed a device called MindHub, which controls various electronic objects in a brain-focused way.

According to the company, all devices such as mobiles, drones, lights and music can be fully controlled with the help of the human brain.

When connected to the Mind Hub headset, the performance of the connected devices can be tailored to the human mood.

According to a British journal report, the company claims that the MindHub device is primarily capable of collecting human brain-focused data.

According to experts, the Mind Hub is a reading device that will soon be able to charge smartphones as well. According to experts observing the technology, consumers will soon be able to charge with the help of MindHub with the help of their mobile eyes, work is underway in this regard.

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