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Is diabetes a deadly disease like cancer related to diabetes?

The cells in our body use the blood sugar (glucose) to get energy while the cancer cells in the body also use sugar.

But does diabetes have anything to do with cancer? Let’s find the answers to the same questions that come to mind today.

Cancer cells consume 200 times more sugar than normal cells, and the main reason is that these cancer cells need high amounts of sugar to grow and these cells using excess sugar. Spreads rapidly throughout the body.

But Dr. Nirjan Naik, director of surgical oncology at Fortes Memorial Research Institute in the Indian city of Grogram, says no strong evidence has yet emerged as to whether or not diabetes contributes to cancer. Cancer is indirectly related.

Experts say that taking excessive calories increases the weight of a human being faster, and obesity increases the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Experts from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute say, “Never think that using sugar causes cancer.”

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He said that the real culprit is obesity because fat cells produce a protein that damages DNA, which in turn transforms into a tumor, increasing the risk of cancer in humans with obesity 13 I also have breast, liver, and colon cancer.

Obesity is the leading cause of cancer after smoking that everyone can easily control.

Moreover, experts believe that there is no certainty that cancer can be avoided by using sugar, that there is only one thing that can save a person from cancer and that is the human’s “lifestyle” and daily exercise. Because eating less calories can lead to a healthier life.

Note: This information was obtained from articles published in various global research journals. If you are experiencing any related or unrelated medical issues, consult your physician.

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