Inflation crisis and accountability

Mohammad Mohsen

Due to rising inflation and the recent flour crisis, Imran Khan inherited record debt when he came to power, recorded a current account deficit of $ 18 billion and a record trade deficit of $ 25 to $ 25 billion. I inherited numerous crisis issues with it.
On the other hand, when the majority did not fulfill, sisli escort Imran Khan had to meet with the allies who did not want to put on his heart. Sometimes in the government, sometimes in the opposition, they have made the country and the people a crook.
For forty years, the bullying could not be accounted for. In his rulers, this bully continued to make amends to the laws of his defense and to extend his sovereignty. No one has been held accountable for this scandal in the country’s 72-year history.

When the former general Musharraf began to account for the bullying during his tenure, the Arab countries were pressured on Musharraf, forcing Musharraf to give the NRO. Now, on account of Imran Khan’s accountability, the entire Mafia has pressurized Imran Khan and put him in a crisis and problems which have stopped the accountability process. And Imran Khan’s own people have trapped Khan in the city’s swamp.
Khan Sahib should never back down from his slogan of accountability, all of them are blackmailing Khan Sahib. He is putting pressure on the Prime Minister to avoid accountability. Which was Khan’s main slogan: I will not leave him. In no case will anyone compromise. If the government goes, then surely the people will fall into the footsteps of Imran Khan. If the snake escapes from the mouth of the neoplasm, then it becomes a snake.
If this bullying mafia and elite escape the process of accountability, then they will become henchmen and will turn around and return to power.
During his rule, Nawaz Sharif used to legislate on the signs of external establishment.

And that’s what Peoples Party did during his reign. The eighteenth amendment was made by Zardari in his presidency and the ousted Mian Nawaz Sharif took full advantage of the 18th Amendment to become prime minister for the third time.
Now Imran Khan is in power for the first time. Some of them are new to the PTI, who are elected to the Assembly and the Senate for the first time. have been. These bullying mafia are sitting in every small and large corporation. And the same corrupt mafia is sitting in the Prime Minister House.
Political instability, economic instability somewhere else, blackmailing inflation is increasing day by day, now after the flour sugar crisis and further crisis where Imran Khan is the government. There will be deliberate crises there.
In Azad Kashmir Gilgit-Baltistan, there is no government of Imran Khan.

On the other hand, the Sindh government took a rent of Rs 36 crore annually and deposited 14 crore wheat in it and paid Rs.
If you know that flour increases one rupee on pulses or vegetables, then adding one rupee makes the total one billion rupees. Has this billions of rupees gone into Imran Khan’s own pocket? No billions of rupees have gone into the pockets of the Mafia.
Imran Khan can make mistakes in his decision-making strategy but Imran Khan cannot be corrupt. He is the blind trust that Pakistan has, and what the masses do on Imran Khan.

The Transparency Report that is being released is the 2015 and 2017 report and the media has made this report public without notice. Our media itself is one of the biggest mafia which is spreading frustration and misleading among the masses.
The current government has repaid $ 13 billion in debt in 15 months. The federal government has to repay another $ 27,28 billion over the next two years. The tax collected by the government in the eighteen months has gone into debt interest.

Further inflation and tax burden are being levied by Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh and Governor State Bank Baqir Raza on poor people and Imran Khan is being given wrong data about livelihoods. But inflation and tax burden will be less. People are badly worried about inflation. If the poor are not getting relief, then the people of this economic team are evaded. And the people are bearing the burden of inflation by seeing the essence of Imran Khan because the people know that Imran Khan is not responsible for the inflation. People of his economic team and his own party are involved in increasing inflation. Are misleading against Khan. Khan is damaging his reputation and the people are no longer fools who have gone astray.

If you look at Imran Khan on one side and the government on one side, then all the people in the government have been sitting in the power system for years.
Milk streams cannot flow in a single day, nor can the odor of seventy years be cleansed in five years. It needs at least ten years to clean the odor and there are presidential systems for quick cleaning. The best solution for a quick fix of this system is the presidential system. Now the presidential system comes six months or a year later, or in 2023 the insha’Allah presidential system will come one day. Coupled with the trepidation, the coup is fast approaching its logical end. The slaves of the same mafia whose slaves have been enslaved for 30 years, are in the form of inflation which is getting to the masses.

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