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Indian singer wants to work with Mahesh Hayat

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram
Popular Indian singer and actor Gappi Grewal said in an interview recently that he enjoys the work of Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat.

Indian singer and actor Rupinder Singh Gupi Griwal has come to Pakistan for two days and also attended Gurdwara Nankana Sahib.

Gupi Grewal’s attendance photos on Gurdwara have been shared on social media which are going viral.

During an interview with Gappi Grewal, he was asked, “If you had the opportunity to work with a Pakistani actress, which actress would you be working with?”

In response to this question, the Indian singer said, “I watch all Pakistani films, Pakistani films are doing good business. I watched a Pakistani movie. I will not go to Punjab. In this, I saw Mahesh Hayat, I love their work. ‘

Guppy Grewal added that this is why I would like to work with them.

Indian singer’s arrival in Pakistan could not live without praising hospitality

Asked about the message of Pakistan to the world in the interview, the singer said, “When you sit outside and listen to things, they are something else when I come here myself and see things.”.

The singer said that I have traveled around the world in my life, I have never been as excited to go to Pakistan as I have been to Pakistan.

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