Imran Khan’s overbearing speech

Muhammad Mohsin

The arrest of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah is expected after the arrest of Khurshid Shah in Sindh and then the arrest of government ministers is also expected after a series of ongoing arrests. Obviously, unrestricted accountability is for everyone, and it should be. If this process of accountability had been completed before the elections, then the present government would not have to face many problems and challenges, and this process of accountability is fast approaching its logical end.

Addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan at the United Nations headquarters in the United States in a two-sided manner, shaking off the world powers, he said that 80 million Kashmiris are imprisoned, and those who prefer trade over global conscience do not think India is a billion But the conflict is with a responsible nuclear force. If Kashmir was invaded, what would happen to their investment today? If there were 8 million Jews, if 8 Americans were imprisoned in the same way, when would this Jewish lobby unite their Americans? The attacker was supposed to leave.

What these global power contractors have done since the past. Did United Nations solve the world’s problems? Has the Palestinian problem been solved? Has Jerusalem’s Problem been Solved? Has Syria’s problem been solved? Has the Rakhine problem been solved? Has the Kashmir problem been solved? Did the United Nations intercept Israel, which has held Palestine hostage to this day? Today, the Modi government is imposing a curfew and holding the entire occupied Kashmir hostage.

Immediately after the sobering speech of Imran Khan in the UN General Assembly on September 27, Pakistan’s history is not exemplified. On the issue of Kashmir and Islam, he has interpreted the sentiments of the nation and the Muslim Ummah. He rejected the propaganda against Islam with arguments. Imran Khan has fought the case of Kashmir like a mujahid fights. The Mujahid said that we will not recognize Israel until the liberation of Palestine. For sitters, you should postpone the sit-in and kiss Imran Khan, whom you called a Jewish agent all year, because he has made Muslims cry today.

I have read in history that no Muslim leader has fought the Ummah in the way that this man has done. Imran Khan is a special donation of power. We keep watching Saudi Arabia keep watching Iran, keep watching Turkey, look at the whole world. No one raised the voice of the Ummah. This man Qalandar raised the voice of the Ummah and today the whole world He has made his appeal to my people to pray special prayers for Imran Khan’s security. And give Imran Khan full support.

Because history is in front of us. Sitting in the house of enemies says on their faces that Hindus started suicide attacks first. Why didn’t you tell Hindus as terrorists? Why you call Muslims Muslims terrorists is a big deal. Our former rulers used to sit in such a way that slip pockets were lost in their pockets, they used to speak upside down. This man is talking about Mujahid.

To date, no Maulvi has contested a religion, no Muslim ruler has ever fought a case like this man Qalandar has sued the Ummah that we believe in Islam. Say: The Qadianis are the agents. O shameless you have defamed Islam. The man said, “Islam is one. We believe in Islam which is the religion of Muhammad.”

Malicious thieves, who are misleading people, misleading the public, bankrupt the country, spreading chaos, destabilizing the country, say that nothing to happen with such speeches should convince the thieves to take up history and look back in the past. Such speeches had changed destiny. Insha Allah will soon change the destiny of Imran Khan, Kashmir will also be free during the rule of this monstrous Mujahid and Pakistan will stand on its feet as a strong economic force.

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