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IMF’s third installment, Finance Ministry denies reports of stern action

Islamabad: The finance ministry denies reports of IMF’s stern action before the third installment.

According to the details, the Finance Ministry has termed the news published in the third installment of the IMF as misleading, saying that quarterly reviews sometimes take more than a few days.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Finance says that the increase of a few days should never be considered unusual; second, the third quarter review will be placed before the International Monetary Fund Board.

According to the finance ministry, the two quarterly reviews will be kept separately according to the schedule, China is the iron carrier of Pakistan, there are no concerns over rollover and refinancing of Chinese loans.

The Finance Ministry said the IMF had made it clear that there was constructive dialogue between their team and Pakistan. The IMF acknowledged Pakistan’s economic reforms and strong policy.

According to the finance ministry, the IMF has clearly stated that Pakistan has achieved the targets till December, while the structural standards of Pakistan have been maintained.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the reform program, with the support of the IMF, is moving in the right direction.

It should be noted that a few days ago, the Pakistan and IMF mission talks were issued, stating that all the targets had been achieved by December.


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