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IMF announces $ 50 billion in aid to combat coronavirus

New York: World powers move to tackle the Corona virus, $ 50 billion from IMF while US House of Representatives announces $ 8 billion to $ 30 million in emergency aid.
According to the details, the IMF has announced a $ 50 billion emergency allocation while taking a major step to deal with the coronavirus. The bulk of the money will be inadmissible. The World Bank has also announced an immediate allocation of $ 12 billion to deal with the Corona virus. On the other hand, House of Representatives in the United States also approved an emergency relief bill of $ 8 billion to deal with the virus. The bill was sent to the Senate on which voting will take place today.

Corona virus has been reported in 84 countries, 48 ​​have died from the virus in China, 34 in South Korea and 15 more in Iran. Corona virus has been first reported in Iraq. Corona virus has been reported in India. The number of patients has increased from 29 to 137 in the US. The death toll from the deadly virus worldwide has risen to 3200 while the number of victims has risen to 94,000.

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