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If you also clean earrings with buds, then before cleaning, know that you do not cause too much damage.

The ear is the most critical part of the body, the only source of hearing, but when cleaning it, we use cotton buds so carefully that we do not realize that it can cause hearing loss forever. ۔

How to clean the ear ??

1: It is not wrong to use cotton buds to clean the ear mail called wax, but gently insert it into the ear so that the curtains are not affected.

2: Do not clean your ears daily, but put cotton buds in the ear when you feel a load in your ears, do not hear the sound properly or ringing bells in your ear.

And if you still feel relieved, consult your doctor.

3: Air wax softeners are also available for extra ear wax removal at medical stores whose drops are easily removed by thinning the wax.

These wax softeners use mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin, oxide on hydrogen, oxide on hydrogen and saline, etc. that dilute the mail.

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