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If the people take precautions, the Corona virus can be dealt with, PM

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to senior journalists said that if the Karuna virus spread in China, there was pressure for the return of Pakistani students. I swear they controlled the virus, not a single case in Pakistan came from China.

The Prime Minister said that if the Karuna virus is increased in Iran, its ability to cope has disappeared, the world community demands that the sanctions imposed on Iran be removed, the Karuna virus is a global pandemic. Is trying to cope with.

He said that Pakistan is taking steps to tackle the Karuna virus. Look at the experiences of other countries. They have also taken the path of isolation. The virus is being controlled worldwide by taking distance from each other. Countries have lockdowns, people are restricted to homes.

Imran Khan said that emergency measures are being taken by NDMA, necessary supplies are being procured from overseas. Second danger is fear. People will suffer a lot of fear, media will play important role in dealing with fear. Instead of breaking the news, only the facts should be told to the public In this regard PEMRA will give channels of code in this regard, request the channel owners not to create an atmosphere of fear.

The Prime Minister said that if the atmosphere of rumor is created then there would be a lot of harm. God is not a situation that people should start hoarding, we have to eliminate rumors and we have to deal with the virus. The virus has stopped spreading.

He said that there are 2 different strategies coming out to deal with the Coronavirus a strategy that has been followed by a kind of lockdown in Karachi, like a complete lockdown in Karachi. Close cricket matches, schools are closed, shops are closed, we have closed places where people were gathering more.

The Prime Minister said that if the complete lockdown will result in loss of people from the daily wages, we will not even have the resources for a full lockdown. ۔


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