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How things got mixed up and how artificial things got started

The people of the subcontinent were unfamiliar with the concept of mixing. In their homes, desi ghee, ghar, sugar, lassi, milk, butter, desi, chickens, desi, eggs, goats, dumba, etc., were used. It used to happen and this was the medicine of the subcontinent.
This was the real face of the subcontinent, this was the standard here and this was the tradition and society.

Mixed Milk

Then the hungry, naked, greedy thieves jumped into the British arena and then the tradition of products began. What were the products? Selling Artificial Items The purpose of human creation was simply to make money.

The global counterfeiters who teach the whole world about ethics today introduced the provincial concept.
Just like today every second number and inferior product is called China, ghee was mixed with artificial fragrance and then the gifts of cholesterol, blood pressure and heart attack started with the kindness of these British.
Compared to local soft drinks, milky milk, etc., synthetic chemical drinks, Coca-Cola seam-up, etc. are the gift of the British who do not mix.

The people were made accustomed to it by making sugar from the mixture of harmful chemicals in sugarcane juice as compared to gur sugar. Then the whole nation became diabetic. The milk was pure and all the products made from milk were pure. The company introduced fake milk and today, thank God, the credit for selling chemical milk to the whole world goes to the company that does not mix.
The fact is that most of the products that are called milk do not contain anything called milk.

Therapeutic physicians used to cure human beings, then the same global counterfeiters introduced English chemical medicines, which made human beings suffer from new diseases on a daily basis. Ever since the era of English medicine began, perhaps till today. The only purpose for a human being to survive on earth is to make money.
Today it is a sign of diseases that thousands of medicines are going in every house and still no one is getting healthy but it has to be admitted that English does not mix
All mixed items belong to Muslims.

Take a look at what this self-made Englishman is making and selling from harmful health chemicals.
Milk Butter Ghee Ice Cream Dry Milk Ketchup Chinese Colorful Food Items Beverages Canned Juices Cosmetics Medicine There are long lists of colorful chemicals and flavors to make fruits and foods delicious and delicious that are beyond the scope of this book. No one raises a finger and no one thinks about it. And no one cares to talk.

The real thieves are the ones who are using harmful health chemicals in everything from shampoos, soaps and creams to everyday use under the guise of capital. This tradition of counterfeiting was established by the British in the subcontinent and today Muslims are increasingly following this tradition. A Muslim is making a good profit by selling two mixed items at high prices to his other Muslim brother. He is selling a hundred rupees for two hundred rupees and a thousand things for two thousand rupees.

Please get out of mental slavery and correct yourself by recognizing yourself. The British tradition is not based on civilization. Instead of following our Islamic social culture and tradition, things like lies and deception are not our tradition. Is engaged in selling unhealthy chemicals in the name of color products.

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