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Honey is a cure for every disease

Honey is a Sunnah and honey is mentioned in the Qur’an. Honey strength is a guarantee of fitness and beauty

Honey contains a tryptophan, an amino acid signal to calm the body that it is time to go to bed, the body is unable to make it naturally and it is obtained through diet like honey. Is. Eating honey before bed can make you sleep deep and calm at night.

Honey keeps blood pressure normal

Hypertension diseases increase the risk of stroke from a heart attack, as it is very important to control, honey contains antioxidants that normalize blood pressure, using a tablespoon of honey at night. Lives

Honey eliminates the accumulation of fat in the blood

Tri glycerides are a type of fat in the blood, increasing their risk increases the risk of life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. ۔

Honey strengthens the immune system.

Honey is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial, which strengthens the immune system and makes the body more resistant to infections by bacteria and viruses. Eating honey every night increases physical brain strength

Honey starts to dissolve fat rapidly

Eating honey daily increases the speed of metabolism, which in turn increases blood circulation and increases the body temperature, causing the fat to dissolve without effort and the reduced weight.

Honey relieves cough.

Honey naturally relieves edema, drinking one teaspoon of honey in warm water every night eliminates sore throat and relieves cough. Honey antibiotics fight off bacteria that cause sore throat.

Honey protects against depression

Honey contains a chemical polyphenol that protects against depression.
Honey and milk

Honey and milk have enormous power for both the human body and the soul. Drinking a glass of hot milk mixed with honey at bedtime in the morning or at night provides tremendous energy to children, the elderly and all. Their endurance increases, the digestion system is accurate and faster, the bones are stronger. Constipation ends. Regular use of it eliminates all physical nerve impairments and complications and eliminates uncontrolled sleep and stops the process of aging. It relieves fatigue
Beauty adds a lot to youth and beauty.


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