Have you heard of Children’s Disease Country Biscuit Syndrome.

Malik Biscuit Syndrome is also known as “Milk and Cookie Disease” these days. Although many children today suffer from it, parents do not know about it and they do not know about it. It is most common in babies who drink milk with sweet biscuits all the time, or who consume more sugary and fatty foods. They use these things a lot, especially at night. They have a cough, runny nose, sore throat, tiredness and constipation.
By the way, doctors know it as “Malik and Biscuit Syndrome”, but it is not only related to milk and biscuits. This happens for a number of reasons. Children who eat or drink at night have the following problems:

Drinking excessive amounts of soda at night, drinking regular cans of processed juices available in the store regularly, drinking excessive amounts of milk before going to bed at night, habit of using yogurt, consumption of sweets, ice cream and night Time to eat chocolates.

Babies who are accustomed to eating all these things at night have sore throats, runny noses, constipation and mothers do not know what causes these problems. Are happening Because Malik & Biscuit Syndrome has not yet been formally added to the list of diseases. That is why mothers do not know much about it and that is why it is not treated.

When children eat or drink large amounts of sugar and dairy products, the amount of acid in their stomach increases. When they eat these things and fall asleep immediately after, this acid is present between their stomach and throat. Adults feel irritated at such times, while children do not feel irritated but feel tightness in the chest, runny nose, sore throat and cough. Most of the parents consider these symptoms as allergies and seek treatment from doctors. If the problem of acid accumulation persists for a long time, then children start having more medical problems such as asthma, ulcers, bronchospasm, dental diseases, prolonged cough, etc.
This disease is very easy to treat. Parents should not allow their children to consume excessive amounts of sweets and dairy products before going to bed. In this way, they will not have problems like acid reflux from stomach to throat and they will not have any medical problems. Remember that most doctors do not recognize the disease, however, if parents themselves know the child’s disease from now on and take care of these problems, they will be able to save children from many medical problems.


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