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Have pity on the people who deserve

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Muhammad mohsin

The matter is very constructive that the Chief Minister immediately reached the news site of the compressor of Cholistan and handed over a package of 2 billion 37 crores.
Thar’s famine taught this lesson,

Fatigue does not come from one day to a month or one year. It comes from many months of unprofessional misery and indifference. Surprisingly, when the fist and its neck were covered with drought and degradation of Thar Parker, the leaders were decorating the stage and preserving their culture of ghungroo baja. We also wrote that humanity was more than culture. Needless to say, as much as the costly ads spent on electronic media and print media, less money could have been provided for drinking water and food in the affected areas of Thar Parker, now that dead and half-dead children When you look at the pictures on TV, no drainage goes down inside the throat, and you feel ashamed of your life. Did I’ll come back in a few months they rose from the devastation that can be corrected in a month, still requires planning, having worked all the red tip. The organization is nowhere to be seen. Yes the organization and distribution skills are visible –

They also have a Service Foundation whose performance has always been unprecedented on every disaster, the Wellness Foundation recognizes the well-being of prisoners in health care and other social services. –

During the catastrophic 2005 earthquake, we saw this organization work with great dedication and speed. Now seeing the Thar Parker’s plight, al-Khudmat arrived there first and to this day, without prejudice to all sorts of people of color and race and religion, they have set up a central medical camp in front of the fist. Three doctors and 5 paramedical staff have visited more than 3,000 patients daily, free medicine is being arranged and cooked meals for delivery of food, with about 500 people daily. The food is cooked and shipped to every corner. Cattle are also suffering from catastrophe. Veterinary doctors have been appointed to treat them. Their President, Dr. Hafizur Rahman and former City Manager, Naghmatullah Khan, have also visited the affected areas. The visit was also made by our competent authority. During a sympathetic visit to Cholistan, we saw a provincial minister flouting the invitation, why the brothers make such pictures. Not all the culprits are the minister’s staff but the department staff, who do not see the broken families of the poor, have their henchmen in the saddle of grabs. These flattering people do not show broken pitchers in disaster homes, do not show refrigerated tubes, but provide cold drink bottles and mineral water to show that they are neither thirsty nor people thirsty, the cameramen should know that it is cold. The stomach is attached to everyone. Whether he is a minister or a poor beggar extends his hand, the minister asks for the protocol spread, the donkey is a donkey seeking charity or tribute,

There are tents everywhere, it is written on them to help the famine victims, thank God that the country is full of gentlemen and women, everyone is contributing to their prosperity. The heart of Thar Parker is appealing to the arrested people, people like Malik Riaz are also looting the treasures, Allah Almighty says in the Holy Scriptures that give me credit, on such occasions, He tries His servants.

There are two beautiful and most famous desert inside Pakistan. Thar Parker and Cholistan are both beauties but both have similarities in their misfortune, so much so that the democratic regimes have been given so many packages before, but there is no greenery or prosperity. There are four pies and nine ten earthen pots. That is their investment. Whenever it comes to blessing, they fill the pitchers with water, and fill the rest of the water in the tubs made outside the house. If they feel thirsty, then they are thrown into the rain water. Filter it and drink it. Subhanullah knows what these filthites say, their desert ship is camel. They travel on it and their livestock are covered with patience and the skin of Raza. In the misty nights and in the hot, rainy afternoons of summer, the rails remain under the blue sails; if it rains, there is no shelter for them. When the beef is done, their meat works.

Those who came out of this Cholistan’s innocent land robbed Thar Parker and now the famine has camped at their doorstep, the Chief Minister has taken immediate notice and the paycheck has been given two to three billion rupees. Generations can flourish, but the department that has been assigned the keys to this treasure has many hands from top to bottom, and those hands are more needed than the poor people in need, something else is seen in the papers. There is a need for something else to be seen running from the top and the note of a thousand falling down on the palm of the poor becomes a rupee note. It is. Appreciation falls on the part of the officers and the brutality becomes the destiny of the poor; there is no doubt that every government in its power wants to do good to the poor, and happily offers money and packages, but the consequences. Responsible for whether or not he has checks and balances, otherwise the fate of the Cholistanis has changed by now.

If the distribution and compilation of the package is always in the hands of the needy, then what will it do, other than to feed the peasantry to the ruling elite, you say.
Please, if you are able,
God will be merciful to the Throne,

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