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Happiness and worries

Muhammad mohsin

The moments of happiness in the fate of the Pakistanis are becoming limited and the hassle of worrying is sometimes felt even the smallest of happiness is going out of our capacity, take the game of cricket. With electronic media, the game is played and seen in all corners of the world, the game is then a game, it sometimes wins, but our media presents minor triumphs as well. As if someone had made a great head. Then when it comes down to defeat, it looks like everything is ruined, and it is done that people are hopeful that our team will go to the semi-finals at least, to compete with the West Indies. It was such a defeat, but the performance of our team was so weak in this match that it is better not to say anything,
The West Indies team not only lost but lost. The time has come for the Cricket Board to highlight the strong wins and victories in the hearts of the players when it comes to fielding, it is important to consider why the team’s foremans are so uncertain, the uncertainty is not even on the playing field. Its spread is far-reaching, but it would not be wrong to say that virtually every area of ​​national life is affected by it. Terrorism is probably the biggest problem facing the country, the government decided that through dialogue. To resolve this, the government and the Taliban set up their own committees to discuss the bureaucrats involved with the government negotiation team. C has expressed reservations over the formation of this committee. Both the media and political parties have so far held two meetings of these committees, but the unconstitutional government is playing on a weak wicket. The Taliban oppressors release their prisoners from the government. And the government announced the release of wild beasts.

The oppressors demand that their detainees, whose number is upwards of 300, including the elderly children and women, be released immediately. The second demand was that the government’s financial loss to the oppressors’ homes and property was affected. Pay compensation, the tyrants also announced a one-month offensive to end. The date ended on March 31. April has started. During this time the acts of the tyrants continued. The government has not yet responded positively to the demands of the tyrants. On and now what the government’s reaction will be, the government is asking the blind to negotiate, analysis Picks some demands that will not be possible for government recognition. For example, the withdrawal of the army and security agencies from these areas to create a peace zone is all about Pakistan and Pakistan has the freedom to place troops in each of its territories, demanding that it understands withdrawing its army from any of its own areas. Is greater than –

As far as the arrested tyrants are concerned, the release of them without investigation would not be an empty threat to Pakistan. In the past, when such people were released, the government soon found them again against them. According to the latest reports, the government has released 19 such tyrants, and the release of 100 more tyrants is coming soon.

Military sources do not look happy with the move The army has said that the women and children are not in their custody, nor do they have any knowledge of their imprisonment, as far as compensation for damages is concerned. They will be ready to deal with the losses that have poured the country into their hands, from which the oppressors have used sophisticated weapons and sources, it is not difficult to estimate their financial resources, the present government has attracted the attention of the masses. Talks with Musharraf treason case have created a serious electricity crisis in the country. We are pushing the government not only to negotiate with the oppressors but also to release the prisoners of the oppressors and salve the wounds of our martyrs. Will the blood of our martyrs and the blood of innocent people be shed?

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